Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer


  • High Performance Water Cooled Motor: our state of the art, motors provide the best in cleaning power with brilliant longevity
  • Full Control Trigger Gun and Spray Lances can be stored on the pressure washer during cleaning
  • Telescopic Handle for a convenient pulling height and completely retractable for a compact storage solution
  • Plug and Clean Detergent System: quick and easy application directly from the machine couldn’t be simpler and can be changed to the area being cleaned
  • Integrated water filter
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Karcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer

The new K 4 Full Control Home power washer from Kärcher is the perfect solution for your patio or decking. The additional home kit makes tackling your outdoor spaces that much easier. The T350 patio cleaner can help you clean up to five times faster than using a standard spray lance. While the handy pressure dial helps to achieve the perfect clean on both soft wooden decking and hard stone surfaces. The handles on the T350 also enable you to clean vertical surfaces easily. The stone detergent helps to clean your patio more effectively, help prevent dirt from returning, protect and care for the surface. Kärcher have developed a new system to help guide you to the correct pressure setting for your cleaning task. Simply choose the correct spray lance based on the surface you want to clean and the symbol guides on the lances. If using the vario power spray lance, you need to select the right pressure setting for your surface, using the LED display on your trigger to guide you. This new system helps you achieve the best possible clean for your home. The long-life water-cooled motor gives you a 3 year warranty. The perfect machine for cleaning medium sized patios, decking and cars.


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