SAMSUNG HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar


  • Compact design takes up minimal space and suits any home
  • Four built-in speakers boost clarity for both music and dialogue
  • Bluetooth connectivity offers wireless music playback from your device
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SAMSUNG HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar

Give audio in your home a serious upgrade without needing to redesign the living room, thanks to the Samsung HW-N300 2.0 Compact Sound Bar. It’s all-in-one design means that you won’t have to find room for a separate subwoofer, but you’ll still get those thunderous lows that pull you further into the action. And with Bluetooth, you’re able to connect it to a compatible TV cable free.

Whether you place it on your TV unit or mount it to the wall, the Samsung HW-N300 has a minimalist style that suits any lounge.

Hear every note, high and low. The Samsung HW-N300 packs four speakers into a compact unit, giving you every frequency with clarity and depth. Discover the hidden details in that percussive tune, or hear the dialogue and atmospheric soundtrack of that blockbuster movie, side by side with precision.

With wide-range tweeters that spread sound further, even the last person to the sofa gets a crystal clear audio experience.

Don’t fancy watching anything on TV right now? Connect your phone or tablet to your Samsung HW-N300 to listen to the artists, DJs and podcasts you love. You’ll be able to stream your playlists from Spotify and Deezer for the ultimate post-work wind-down. Or build up the atmosphere at your party, with sound that fills every corner of the room.


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