Kenwood CK405 Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Black


  • Two ovens with integrated grills
  • Includes fan and conventional ovens
  • Dimensions: H 90cm x W 90cm x D 60cm
  • 5-burner gas hob / wok burner
  • Main oven cleaning: Enamel coating
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Kenwood CK405 Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Black

Featuring 2 electric ovens, which give you a combined capacity of over hundred litres of cooking space, preparing a family feast has never been so easy. The main oven is fan heated and is the larger of the two, at 65 litres, making it ideal for cooking items such as roast dinners.

The second oven is 40 litres and conventionally heated. Both ovens are fitted with a grill making them incredibly versatile and allowing you to cook multiple courses at the same time. Other functions include the ability to rapidly defrost food without cooking it.

A minute minder is built in which allows you to tend to other issues before being alerted when your food is due to be cooked.

When you’re finished with the days cooking, a cooling fan helps to reduce the temperature within the oven as quickly as possible – a nice safety feature which can help reduce the potential of any accidents.

Up on top, the CK405 Dual Fuel Range Cooker has 5 auto ignition gas hobs, which provides plenty of room for your pots and pans – ideal for if you’re cooking a large meal. The hobs have heavy duty cast iron pan supports to keep your kitchenware in place whilst you’re preparing dinner, and a Flame supervision device guards against any accidental gas leak should a hob be extinguished.

A wok burner provides a further option for those who are more adventurous with their culinary adventures.


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